Terms and Conditions

1. In Instances where a cash deposit is taken to secure bookings; this security will be deducted off the final invoice amount. Should the hirers circumstances change, a full or part refund may be considered at the full discretion of the Managing Director.

2. All hires are for one night unless otherwise specified or arranged.

3. Any damaged, lost or stolen property will be the responsibility of the hirer who will be charged the replacement cost of the hire item (this includes packaging of the items themselves).


4. Hire items not returned within the hire period or arranged time frame may incur an additional $70 per day penalty charge.


5. All goods remain the property of Ilumino Lighting Hire.


6. While our hire items are of the highest industry standard we expect each item to be treated with care and caution so to avoid any damage or loss charges.


7. The hirer is responsible for ensuring against equipment loss or theft until the hire items are received by an Ilumino staff member.


8. Each hire item is carefully checked before a hire occurs. It is the hirers responsibility to check goods and notify Ilumino of any discrepancies or damage between the items ordered and those supplied. Complaints made after the return of the goods will not be considered.


9. Information gathered to secure your booking is gained solely for this purpose. They will be stored securely and will not be passed on to anyone.


10. All prices are subject to change without notice.


11. The hirer shall accept liability for any injury or damage caused to the hirer or associate users and their property.


12. Ilumino will not be liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our control.​


13. We will always give our best efforts to supply the hirer with the goods requested, but reserve the right to supply you with similar goods.

14. Ilumino reserve the right to require cash or a credit card as a bond upon the hirers pickup of goods as assurance for any damage or loss of hire equipment. This amount is fully refunded upon receipt of goods in the same working order.